SEMINAR - How we develop Public Private Collaboration

Welcome to a conversation about how a public commitment can interact with private expertise and capital to achieve sustainable long-term solutions. The seminar will be held physically in Gothenburg and digitally on 13 October 2020.

There is no uniform definition of what we call public-private partnership (PPP), the term encompasses a number of forms of cooperation between the public and private business sector. The common denominator for this type of project is that financing and risks are distributed in a predetermined manner and that the private party can be responsible for, for example, design, construction, operation and maintenance.

It is basically a form of procurement with a long-term agreement between a public client and a private supplier.

PPPs are more common outside Sweden and are applied successfully in, for example, urban development. There are some examples that have been implemented in Sweden but which have also, in part, been criticized. The reason for the criticism often comes from shortcomings at the customer level (the public sector) but also that there is a suspicion from the public sector.

The seminar is organized by Board Academy in association with Ekan Management. For more information about panelists, time and place, as well as registration, visit HERE.

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