Ekan with Volvo Cars at PDT Europe 2015

October 13-14 owned PDT Europe 2015 rooms, this time in Stockholm. Ekan Management Hans-Owe Sjöö presented Volvo Cars work on collaborating externally with product data throughout the development process. The presentation was conducted together with Irene Gustavsson, Senior Manager Business Development at Volvo Cars Corperation (VCC).

The automotive industry is moving towards closer collaboration to leverage the huge investments being made in platforms and drivelines. On VCC the number of projects with external partners has increased significantly over the past 15 years. During this time have VCC changed owner from Ford Motor company to Geely Holding and complexity has increased. Managing product data is one of the most important aspects of managing complexity.

Some conclusions from the presentation:

  • Experience has shown the great importance of involvement and collaboration early in major projects.
  • Involvement and collaboration should not be based on internal infrastructure, as flexibility is reduced.
  • Large amounts of product data for collaboration are necessary from time to time. In the long run, only a small part of this data set needs to be saved.
  • Building bit by bit from the ground up has proven to be the best way forward.
  • Cloud services are time efficient to implement.

Other topics raised at PDT Europe 2015:

  • The Product Innovation Platform: Where we are and what is missing (CIMdata)
  • Enabling Product Innovation Platforms (Gartner)
  • Unleashing the innovative power within your organization (Kairos Future)
  • Enterprise capabilities for an agile OEM partner (Volvo Group Trucks Technology)
  • Information Exchange Challenges in Supply Chain Lifecycles - moving beyond MCAD exchange (Honeywell Aerospace)
  • PLM to support the Circular Economy (Eurostep)
  • Make PLM fun - the why and how with Gamification (Awesome Group)
  • The Perfect Storm - An opportunity to launch a Total Lifecycle Systems Management Solution (Naval surface warfare center)
  • 3D printing - Opportunites and Threats (Technishe Universität Darmstadt)

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