The latest news in Security Protection

Congratulations Anton! You have just completed the University of Defense's training in Security Protection. It is a highly sought-after education to attend, and a highly sought-after skill to have. Tell us what you took away from the training!

Thanks! It was both a rewarding and extensive week that filled me to the brim with new knowledge. If I have to pick out only a couple of things, it is in which ways the last year's development in our environment has affected the security threats we face, how security protection should be designed based on both the current surrounding threats as well as legal requirements, and how important it is to involve the business in the security protection analysis.

What do you see that many businesses need to improve or deal with right now?

Two areas come to mind spontaneously:

The first relates to information security. In cyber, developments, the threat side is moving very quickly, while protection is not keeping up. This means that the gap between the antagonist's ability and the protection of our protectable information and our information systems is getting bigger and bigger. In short, we are losing the cat and mouse game.

The second area deals with personnel safety and the fact that the human factor is involved in many incidents. Building a safety culture, training and practicing the staff becomes important here.

Feel free to contact Anton if you have questions or concerns about security protection.