Budgeting in the traditional way and following up if it goes as planned has proven to work worse and worse for organizations that want to be agile and be able to quickly adapt to new situations. Companies within the international network Beyond Budgeting Round Table have since the late 1990s developed new forms of governance adapted to increasing complexity and uncertainty in the outside world. This webinar is about how ideas and methods in Beyond Budgeting can make financial management and thus entire companies more agile.

The webinar is led by Knut Fahlén, senior management consultant at Ekan Management and author of the books Beyond Budgeting in practice, Dynamic Management Strategy and Situation-adapted financial and business management, and Rikard Olsson, senior management consultant at Ekan Management and CEO of Beyond Budgeting Institute.

The webinar is free of charge and is conducted in collaboration with 1Company 11 Feb at 12-13

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This is the first webinar in a series of webinars on Beyond Budgeting and Dynamic Management. Visit the campaign page for more information and upcoming webinars.