Webinar: Develop your agile business management

In a rapidly changing world, companies and organizations need to be able to quickly see changes and adapt where needed. Then not least the business's planning and follow-up processes need to be smooth and agile.

In practice, they talk about the importance of agile business management, which includes areas such as business planning, budgeting and the reporting processes in a company.

Flexibility can in many cases be achieved with better order on data and digitization of workflows. It can be a step in the right direction, but to create the agility that provides competitiveness, business management is required in harmony with the business environment and the organization's specific conditions.

In this webinar in collaboration with Hypergene, Malin Wennebro, Deputy CEO of Ekan Management, talks about the questions management should ask itself to shape its agile business management.

The webinar was held on November 17 and is now available to take part in on demand.