Expert in operational and financial management joins Ekan

During the spring, senior management consultant Helena Karlsson joined Ekan Management's office in Gothenburg. Helena has over 25 years of experience in leading business development and the development of the various processes of financial operations in both companies and public businesses.

In recent years, Helena has primarily worked strategically with organizational and operational development as well as development of the various processes of operations with a focus on quality assurance, digitization and efficiency. Helena has leadership experience as an administrative and financial manager with personnel responsibility as well as many years of work in various management groups. Her strength lies in seeing all parts as a whole to create efficiency, quality and job satisfaction. She is driven by developing various processes as well as its employees and operations.

At Ekan Management, Helena, thanks to her solid experience, will contribute to customer assignments and be involved in the development of Ekan's concept and business with a focus on the area of operational and financial management.

Petra Lundgren, team leader Operations and financial management, about Helena joining Ekan:

- The recruitment of Helena Karlsson is important for our growth. We are very much looking forward to our customers being able to benefit from her experience in the field of finance, from business development and change management. We warmly welcome Helena to us.  

Helena Karlsson about joining Ekan:

- It feels great fun to be able to work with development and support organizations and the people who carry them. My experience is that in public activities there is a very great commitment to the mission you have and the citizens you are ultimately there for. In my role at Ekan, I get a broad perspective by meeting many different businesses, authorities and organizations, and I look forward to contributing with support and tools for how to have effective and long-term sustainable leadership, employees and processes for to create the benefit you are passionate about.