New CEO for Ekan AB

Dag Larsson is one of the founders of Ekan AB (Ekan Management) and has been the company's CEO since its inception in the mid-1980s. During the spring, Dag asked the board to appoint a new CEO and the decision has landed in Christoffer Mathiasson, who since 2013 has been responsible for Ekan's property and community development business area. Christoffer takes up the role of CEO of Ekan AB from 1 October 2022. Dag continues within the company as senior advisor and chairman of the board. Malin Wennebro continues in the role of CEO.

Dag Larsson on the CEO change:

When we started Ekan almost 40 years ago, we were driven by the feeling that new management models combined with modern system support would revolutionize the businesses of the future. Since then, we have helped customers develop their businesses both with customized systems, in terms of their control and management models, through their financial management and much more. After 36 years as CEO of Ekan, it is now time for a new chapter. Ekan's consultants and our special Ekan culture are the most important thing we have - that's why the board primarily looked for a replacement internally and are now happy to be able to build on our continuity by appointing Christoffer Mathiasson as the new CEO of Ekan. Christoffer has been at Ekan for 13 years, among other things as responsible for one of our business areas. In that role, he has contributed strongly to Ekan's business and growth.

Christoffer Mathiasson about his new role and the next stage of Ekan's journey:

For me, it is a great honor to take over the baton from Dag Larsson as CEO. It is an incredible journey that Ekan has made, from research projects in systems and business development to today being one of Sweden's largest purely management consulting companies. Now my ambition is to continue this journey with incredibly skilled employees and continue to break ground in areas such as dynamic control and digitization.