Anniversary blog: 30 years of innovation

This year we celebrate 30 years of innovation. This means that we have been given the confidence to contribute to the renewal of our customers' offer and organization in close to 1000 completed assignments. So much renewal we think is worth noting. Not least when history reminds us why innovation is important today and in the future. Perhaps even now, in times of turbulence and uncertainty, the necessity and drive for innovation is paramount.

If we approach the management area, innovation can be concretized to the successful implementation of new and useful ideas. Two things are central here. The first is about implementation. Thus, it is not enough to come up with new creative ideas (also called "paper products"), but in order to be considered innovations, the ideas must be established in reality. The practice of theory has been a fundamental principle since Ekan was founded as a company. Today, this principle is made visible through one of our three customer promises.

Another requirement is that the ideas are useful, ie. they represent an improvement over how things were done in the past. It assumes, from our point of view, that the individuals who are expected to experience the ideas as useful are involved in the development process. Involving is therefore our second customer promise.

How then does innovation come about? If it disputes the scholars, but two variants can be distinguished - evolution and revolution. The latter, of course, receive more attention as these innovations often have the ability to overturn the reality of companies and individuals. It can be about brand new technologies, business models or system shifts in how an organization works. This loud revolution, however, is more rare in comparison to the silent evolution that is eagerly searching for and gradually implementing improvements in everyday life. Regardless of the variant, innovation requires that we question how things work today - that we challenge current approaches and methods. Challenge is therefore our third promise to you as a customer.

With the celebration of our anniversary year, we thus want to sing the praise of innovation, look back on the big shifts and how they have affected us, pay attention to intensive development efforts and not least celebrate another 30 years of renewal. We hope that you and your organization also take the extra time to pay attention to the progress made and to consider what opportunities are waiting around the corner.

With pride in what has been and trust in how we together shape the future.