Meet us at Offentlig chef

On March 13-14 Ekan Management will attend at the fair Offentlig chef in Stockholm as an exhibitor. In Offentig chef, you have the opportunity to meet some of Ekans management's consultants, leadership developers and coaches to discuss challenges and opportunities within leadership, employee leadership and governance in public operations.

In the presentation Tillit i styrningen (Trust in governance) Dag Larsson and Ulrika Antonsson, consultants at Ekan Management, will talk about how to create the prerequisites for managing and directing with confidence. They provide several examples of how Ekan Management's customers have developed their operations to improve leadership.

The program of the fair can be found at Feel free to come by our booth or contact our representative Evelina Kambre, 070-7665483,


Ekan Management is a framework contract supplier to state authorities, foundations and companies, county councils and municipalities regarding services for both business development and governance issues for organizations as well as services for the development of managers, leaders, management groups and employee groups.

Our approach is based on the fact that leadership and teamwork go hand in hand with good business management, efficient processes and working methods. During our more than 30-year history, we have worked on these issues in nearly 2000 completed assignments. We take off in the Scandinavian leadership. This means that we believe in involving employees in decision-making processes and work for a governance and culture characterized by trust and freedom under responsibility.

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