Ekan Management regroups for the future

At Ekan Management, we are known for advocating dynamic governance models and agile organizations. We live as we learn and therefore it is natural that we reshape ourselves from time to time. As our customers' needs change and Ekan grows, it was now time to refine our conditions. The purpose is simply to ensure that over time we can continue to offer our customers the support they need in an efficient way and in the absolute forefront of management.

This autumn, we have therefore expanded our business areas and established competence clusters within our main business areas. The result is a, at the same time, broader and more focused organization that has the potential to grow and adapt to the changing expectations placed on us, now and in the future. Central roles in the new organization are market-oriented Business Area Managers and Team Leaders for our areas of expertise. We are also establishing a special group for our consultants who are early in their careers through Ekan's Talangpool.

In connection with this change, one of the founders, Anders Höier, will take on a role as Senior Advisor and hand over the position of Deputy CEO to Malin Wennebro. Malin has previously had the role of business area manager and has been with the company since 2004.

With this adjustment in organization, we look forward to continuing to shape tomorrow's reality for existing and new customers.