Former Swedish security service agency executive: “Focus the business on doing the right things”

Klas Friberg has had a long career within law enforcement. He has, among other things has hade roles as National Criminal Investigation Chief, Regional Police Chief and Security service agency executive. In 2021, Klas chose to change direction, from leading others and instead help others to lead. With Ekan Management's solid experience in leadership and organizational development, and powerful blanket agreements within the public sector, there were good reasons to seek cooperation. At Ekan, we are of course happy to be able to convey Klas Friberg's solid competence to both new and existing customers. 

This is what Klas himself says about some important perspectives in his new role: 

What are your most important takes on strategic leadership?

The insight that strategic leadership should be focused on leading others, give them the conditions to be able to perform. Leadership should therefore be characterized by humility for the knowledge of others and that the composite knowledge (collective capacity) is crucial for the business going forward. As an executive, you should learn to "sit on your hands", and listen more than you talk. Strategic leadership is not about focusing on things being done right, but rather on the business doing the right things.   

What do you see as the most important challenges to work with in public administration? 

Identify the assignment, keep the citizen in focus, ensure that the core business can be developed by the employees. Reduce administration, increase internal and external dialogue. Raise awareness of the formula 50 -30- 2, an evidence-based conclusion that shows that dialogue, conducted with respect, beats organization and even increased budget. 

What type of support can you provide? 

Two main parts. General knowledge and experience based on having led organizations at a strategic level for 30 years. Through legal practical experience and through close cooperation with the political level, I have good knowledge of state administration. Reorganizations and change management have been a natural part of my strategic leadership. 

Specific knowledge to manage acute crises. I have had the privilege of leading organizations through situations where operations have been put under pressure, not only from the operational situation, but also by clients, the general public and the media. The importance of being able to communicate internally and externally is fundamental. In recent years, I have built up knowledge about security and safety protection issues as well as about security policy.  

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