Public dental care strengthens dentistry education

In the coming years, large recruitment needs are expected of dental hygienists and dentists. It requires a corresponding range of educated in these occupational categories. At the Dentist in Gothenburg, tomorrow's dentists and dental hygienists are trained. Public dental care in the Västra Götaland region is responsible for educating and mentoring the students in the clinical parts. A prerequisite for this is that there are patients with the right treatment needs available.

In order to secure the provision of skills, Folktandvården decided to review the patient recruitment. Ekan Management was given the benefit of project management, involving both existing patients, students, alumni and clinic managers. By investigating various aspects that affect recruitment, e.g. marketing and internal work processes as well as gathering good experience from other universities, a number of improvement suggestions linked to patient recruitment could be identified. The work resulted in, among other things, closer cooperation between the Adult Clinic and a number of selected general dental clinics.

"It feels important that we can give our students the right conditions in their education, and that they get a good patient base. The fact that the work is done under close supervision by experienced supervisors and that we have specialists at the clinics means that the patients are in good and safe hands”Says Åsa Leonhardt, Head of Dental Care Specialist Dental Care, Research & Education. "Through the new approach of utilizing our other existing clinics within the Public Dental Care, we believe that we can create benefits for both patients and students.".

If you want to know more about the work, contact Anna Segerberg, Project Manager Ekan Management. 070-766 54 85.

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