Offensive steps towards beyond budgeting within Medtech and Pharmaceuticals

In recent years, several initiatives have been launched towards a more dynamic control in several places within the industries of Medtech and Pharmaceuticals. Ekan Management and Beyond Budgeting Advisory (BBA) have facilitated conversations, studies and analyzes together with several of the major industry players. The aim has been to formulate and adapt principles for dynamic governance and management for their research-intensive and complex operations. Several of them are now ready to take the step of transforming their control and management models with our support. Since the end of 2018, we have partnered with three leading players in Medtech and Pharmaceuticals and we are now pleased to be able to help one of the world's largest pharmaceutical companies to implement two pilots for a new governance and management model based on the Beyond Budgeting principles. The hope is to be able to proceed with a global rollout in 2021.

The principles of Beyond Budgeting have been developed academically and professionally since the 1970s. After much focus has been placed on defining the area at principle level during the 1990s and 00s, Ekan Management has been the driving force for conceptualizing it for practical application within the framework of Dynamic control and management. Although the need was high before COVID-19, in recent months it has made clear that all organizations - large as well as small, public and private - need the conditions to manage and lead agile, with resilience and flexibility, and to harness the power of competent employees at all levels.

The strength of Ekan Management and Beyond Budgeting Advisory is that we have worked with these issues for many years in a large number of projects. Together with our international network (Beyond Budgeting Roundtable, BBRT), we can combine research and practical experience of our member organizations with our ability to lead extensive transformation projects.

Welcome to contact Rikard Olsson if you want to know more about dynamic governance and management as well as how the principles of Beyond Budgeting can change tomorrow's reality for your business.

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