Rikard Olsson - new CEO of Beyond Budgeting Ltd

At the last BBRT meeting in London, the appointment of Rikard Olsson was announced as new CEO of Beyond Budgeting Ltd and the newly established BBA - Beyond Budgeting Advisory. Rikard currently has the role of Business Area Manager for Strategy and Business Governance Ekan Management. BBA has been created in response to the high demand for support in various forms and will offer consulting and consulting services regarding implementation of control models based on Beyond Budgeting.

Rikard Olsson assumes the role of CEO of Beyond Budgeting Ltd from 1 January 2019 on an assignment basis from Ekan Management. Rikard will leave office in Copenhagen (Basico) and Ekan Management in Gothenburg and Stockholm. Ekan Management will be an important partner in BBA's virtual consultancy network, which means, together with other partners, to participate in the development of concepts, models and methodologies, as well as in the implementation of major international implementation projects and training initiatives within the framework of BBRT.

Malin Wennebro, Marketing Manager for Ekan Management, will take up office on January 1, 2019, as tf Business Area Manager until a long-term solution is decided.

About his new assignment, Rikard says:

- I see this as an extremely important and exciting assignment! Many organizations today find themselves in the midst of a shift as a result of digitalisation, globalization, agile working methods, generational shifts and more. Changes that often start in the business model but that in order to have an effect require new forms of management and governance. I am very much looking forward to helping as many people as possible get the support they need in this important restructuring work.

Dag Larsson, CEO of Ekan Management, believes that the establishment of BBA and the appointment of Rikard Olsson make it possible to help even more organizations to a more dynamic governance and management, and thereby continued competitiveness. We wish Rikard good luck with his new challenges and look forward to continued cooperation in a new format.

In addition to the announcement of the new CEO, the most recent network meeting, on October 24 in London, contained a number of interesting program points:

Briefly on BBRT

BBRT (Beyond Budgeting Round Table) was founded in 1998 as an organization to exchange experiences on effective governance and management models given an increasingly unpredictable reality. Ekan Management has been the network's partner and representative in the Swedish market since 2013. Dag Larsson, CEO of Ekan Management, is a member of the BBRT Core Team (network's board).

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