Advice for agile finance forecasting and reporting

Everyone talks about Agile and how agility helps organizations become more adaptable, creative, and resilient in complex and uncertain times. But one important part of most organizations is rarely included - namely the finance forecasting and reporting team.

For the finance function, agility is not so much about using small teams, kan-ban or working in sprints. Instead, it is more about the analytical work done to support the rest of the organization by enabling agility, about quickly adapting to market changes, to respond to customer requirements and to develop the organisation's competitive advantages.

In the blog Rikard Olsson and Knut Fahlén at Ekan Management describe the principles behindBusiness Agility Leadership, and how Agile Finance differs from traditional governance and management. Their conclusion is that all businesses that decide to go for more Agile Finance will provide:

  • More time to spend on business and less on numbers.
  • More collaborations between departments, groups and teams.
  • Increased confidence and transparency.
  • No dysfunctional behavior at year-end.
  • Lower costs and increased profitability

In addition, you will have more fun!

Contact Rikard Olsson and Knut Fahlén for more information on creating a more agile organization.

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