In the fall, the world takes the step

This spring, the businesses that in recent years have focused on digitalizing and increasing their adaptability have received the best confirmation they could get that they have prioritized right. We see a significant resilience of most of our current customers in the trials that we have all faced in the spring of 2020. The only thing we know for sure about the fall is that we will face challenges, and to manage them requires compliance, flexibility and efficient operations. The entire community and its various actors will need to take more development steps - at a faster rate than we might have thought we could. Ekan Management is prepared for an autumn where we believe that courage, determination and tangible benefits will be important guiding principles for many businesses.

Significant need for Dynamic control and management ...

For over ten years, Ekan Management has been the driving force for dynamic control and management models. We have worked to help companies and businesses see the strength of building agile structures which can be maneuvered in constant change, uncertainty and opportunities. During the spring, this need has become very evident for many organizations. Some who have been at the forefront and shown good adaptability on these issues are the industries Medtech and Pharmaceuticals. Ekan Management is now committed to realizing dynamic management and governance of some of the largest players globally. During the late spring and autumn, we are also launching a commitment to dynamic management and governance in the public sector. Keep your eyes open.

Within this framework, we have helped clients develop new forecasting and follow-up models, established new cost and revenue follow-up structures, pooled and coordinated the significant operational information, and developed managers, management groups and employees in dynamic management, change and communication.

... and of Digital transformation

Ekan Management started 2020 with one digital transformation campaign, with the aim of helping our customers with the important first step. We received a very good response to our description of the different parts of the digital transformation. First and foremost, we wanted to point out what a digital transformation journey means and how to initiate it. Rarely did we know how well we timed that campaign. In hindsight even a little better than we would have liked in this case.

During the spring we also helped keep the wheels spinning in the community by offer training in working and conducting meetings remotely. We also continued to deliver in unabated strength by adapting both large and small workshops and seminars to digital implementation.

The real estate industry jumped on the digitalization train

We have repeatedly called on the real estate industry to be more courageous in embracing the possibilities of digitalization, for example through BIM in management and more automation. This past year we have seen something of a thaw. So many players in the real estate industry who both in word and in action show that they want to lead rather than follow the digital development. For a long time now, we have been fully engaged in supporting both real estate companies and community developers of various kinds in everything from structuring information and data to defining system needs and automating parts of their operations. We now see how Sweden's already successful players in the real estate industry strengthen their position and change through the development of digital services and functions.

Prepared for the fall and tomorrow's reality

We look forward to the historic fall that follows this historic spring. Our focus on agility, digitalization, and dynamic control and management models is right in time. Our approach to challenge, involve and realize our clients' ambitions is appreciated by all our returning customers. We look forward to all the exciting conversations and missions ahead of us. The feeling is that tomorrow's reality has never been more current - no matter how it becomes.

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