Petter Rönnborg joins Ekan Management

From time to time, win-win situations arise. When Petter Rönnborg felt some time ago that it was time for something new, Ekan Management was at the top of his wish list. At the same time, we at Ekan have followed Petter's career with excitement for many years. 

Petter Rönnborg has a highly sought-after background in both academia at the Gothenburg School of Economics, and from many different roles at SKF. Petter says himself that he likes the combination of the strategic and the tangible - it's perfect in the role of consultant.

At the School of Economics, Petter has a doctorate in Business Administration with a focus on investments in energy production. At SKF, Petter has often had a role that combines leadership and knowledge transfer, where challenging practice and change have been central. He has also worked practically with everything from competence development, business acumen, leadership development, employees to brand protection.

At Ekan Management, Petter looks forward to working on building together clients' business strategy with their daily operations - making it happen - and being involved in developing employees and leadership.

In his spare time, Petter has three major interests together with his family: sailing, cycling and skiing. Among other things, he has cycled to Paris – twice! Welcome to contact Petter regardless of whether it is about how to avoid chafing, about investment strategy, management models or talent development.