Senior quality and business developer strengthen Ekan's offer

Ekan Management's Stockholm office has been been strengthened by senior management consultant Susanna Lagersten. Most recently, Susanna comes from Region Stockholm, where she was directing the Region's quality register center, QRC, and brings with her solid managerial and management experience. She is an avid leader of complex activities, at a high executive level and in her role as director, she was part of the Health and Medical Care Administration's management team.

Susanna has solid experience in project management, within quality indicators and data-driven improvement work, including training leaders, managers, employees and teams in quality and improvement work. In addition, she has extensive experience of business and organizational development as well as management and governance. Susanna has a Bachelor of Behavioral Science with a specialization in Environmental Psychology, Executive MBA, and is a trained coach for group, individual and leader.

At Ekan Management, in addition to customer assignments, Susanna is responsible for Ekan's business with Region Stockholm, as well as with the municipalities in Stockholm County and Mälardalen.

Dag Larsson, CEO of Ekan Management:

The recruitment of Susanna Lagersten is strategically important for Ekan's continued growth in the Stockholm Region. We are very much looking forward to being able to offer our customers her many years of experience of complex business development in the borderland between quality, digitalisation and organization. We warmly welcome Susanna to us.

Susanna Lagersten on joining Ekan:

It feels fabolous to work with development and support of organizations and the people who carry them. My experience is that in public activities there is a very large commitment to the mission at hand, and for the citizens you are ultimately there for. In my role at Ekan, I get a broad perspective by meeting many different companies, authorities and organizations, and I look forward to contributing with support and tools for how to achieve an effective and long-term sustainable leadership, employeeship and processes to create the value that our clients are passionate about.