Strengthened Cyber and Information Security Requirements in 2024 Regulatory Letter

In a press release from the Ministry of Defense it is announced that the Government has decided on strengthened governance regarding how authorities report back on their work with information and cyber security. As part of strengthening the resilience of the public sector, the 2024 regulatory letter will include requirements for a large number of agencies to report in detail on their work on information and cyber security.

"A little over 100 government authorities, including most of the authorities responsible for the sector and preparedness, and all colleges and universities, have received a reporting requirement or task in their regulatory letters where the authority must report on how they work with their information security."

The press release further states that: "The current global situation places high demands on authorities to carefully and effectively develop their systematic information and cyber security work, with particular emphasis on experiences from evaluations and analyzes being taken care of and implemented."

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