From information to value-creating decision bases

Welcome to a seminar and exchange of experiences on how your company can move from the abundance of information to value-creating decision-making. During the seminar we will discuss challenges related to the creation of "One set of Numbers", from product structure to financial reporting. You can also take advantage of practical examples that show companies that have succeeded.


Many companies spend a great deal of time and effort on creating a basis for reporting. Despite this, you feel that you cannot rely on the information, nor that you can use it for constructive discussions, analysis and action.

It is not uncommon for different departments to measure "the same thing" in different ways, which affects both report outcomes and decision-making. What is meant by cost or profitability per product? All too often there are no clear definitions.

The number of participants is limited and is aimed at you who are active as Controller, Business Area Manager or similar. The meeting is expected to last for about 2 hours with a break when refreshments and light meals are served. Very welcome!

When: June 26, 7 p.m. 16: 00-18: 00
Where: Ekan's premises at Styrmansgatan 2, Stockholm
Award: Free - registration is done by email to
Lecturer: Hans-Owe Sjöö, Rikard Olsson, Helena Blomberg and Hanna Westberg
Arranged by: and Ekan Management

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From information to value-creating decision bases

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