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Business Analyst-as-a-Service

Be quick-footed - adapt to your surroundings

Today's business environment is characterized by fierce competition that challenges all organizations' ability to change. Understanding the problems, needs and opportunities in your organization is the critical first step to ensure you change in the right direction and remain competitive. With a clear understanding of the problem and its causes, you will be able to set the right priorities and implement the most effective countermeasures.

Our service Business Analyst-as-a-service gives you the capabilities needed to mobilize for change, guard your competitive advantage, and stay one step ahead.

"You will never find the solution if you don't understand the problem you are trying to solve"

Our Business Analysts

The service Business Analyst-as-a-service creates flexibility and rapid mobility through a short starting distance, a systematic approach and full focus on the task to be performed. Our Business analysts:

  • Ensures the right specialist competence for the respective initiative/challenge
  • Supports the organization to define and express its needs/problems/opportunities.
  • Investigates the needs/problems/opportunities to understand the root of the problems.
  • Identifies possible countermeasures and translates them into effective actions.
  • Ensures that the requirements are clear and understood by the solution developers and that the solution meets the agreed requirements.

Fast and customized support
The service Business Analyst-as-a-service is developed on the motto that no one can do everything, but together we can be experts in all matters. The service provides you with fast and customized business development support, with a focus on the early phases (problem definition and solution analysis). Depending on the needs identified, the service can be extended to also include support with development, change and implementation.

Business Analyst-as-a-service offers you:

  1. FAST ONBOARDING – a minimum of onboarding activities. SLA with lead time to start at each poll.
  2. COST EFFICIENCY – No idling, just efficient working hours
  3. TAILOR-MADE COMPETENCE – Competence and seniority tailored to each individual assignment.
  4. PREDICTABLE WORKING METHODS AND DELIVERIES – Efficient and quality-assured methods ensure consistent deliveries.
  5. PREDICTABLE COSTS – Fixed price for problem definition and concept studies.

Our offer
As a contract customer to Ekan Managements BA as-a-Service can you call a Business Analyst at short notice to support you with your current challenge. Maybe you need someone to spend a day analyzing a business demand and formulating a problem statement? Or perhaps you need someone to support you throughout the pre-study phase of your project?

We have created some predefined work packages, but of course these packages can be adjusted or combined to suit your specific needs.