Area of expertise

The economist as analyst and business partner

Economists with a focus on the future and business decisions

Increased market complexity, rapid mobility and an ever-growing access to information place new demands on the role and competence of the finance function. What is required is a partner close to the business who can both challenge and support the business with the decision-making basis and analyzes that provide the conditions for the right action.

In order to be able to meet these needs, both development for the individual and strong team play are required. Ekan Management has successfully implemented skills development programs for over 1,000 economists and controllers that inspire and strengthen the team.

Great development need for both the individual and the finance function in general

In order to achieve the effects of the development and quality work, it is required:

Individual competence development

  1. Analysis methods and tools
  2. Communication, pedagogy and presentation technology
  3. change Management

The financial function

  1. Forecasts and forward-looking analysis
  2. Environmental and market analysis
  3. Target and key figure analysis

Source: Ekan's Controller survey 2011 and commissioned surveys

Competence – a prerequisite for business development
Today, business managers are looking for management tools that make it possible to handle increased demands for efficiency at the same time as an increasingly complex and unpredictable reality. In most cases, they turn to the finance function to find the solutions. In order for the finance function to be able to develop the processes for budget, forecasting, target management, decision-making basis and more, it is required that both individuals and groups are given the right conditions. Competence development is therefore a key to effective management tools and not least to create a well-functioning interaction between the business and the finance function.

Competence development with a focus on individual, group and organizational development
In order for competence development to lead to results in the business, several roles need to be involved and interact. The individuals must feel secure in their roles and trust their colleagues. The distribution of roles between the finance function and management is a key. The greatest effect is achieved when the purpose of competence development is clear, well communicated to the roles involved and integrated with the organization's overall goals. A success factor is to connect competence development efforts with the results and achievements that are sought. If the effort is limited to individual skill development, there is a great risk that the effects will not be felt for the business.

WEBINAR: Prerequisites for a smarter and more proactive finance function

Our offer
Our established training for controllers and economists includes:

  • Business management and management
  • Analysis methods and models
  • Communication, pedagogy and presentation technology
  • change Management
  • Team building

We are also happy to tailor training programs for your organization. You are welcome to contact us for a proposal based on your challenges and opportunities.

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