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From information to value-creating decision bases

A lot of work, but for what benefit?
In recent years, the flow of information that confronts us in both private and working life has increased explosively. For managers and management support functions, this development often leads to great frustration over all the time and effort spent on reporting. Especially when, despite the increased effort, one does not feel able to trust the information and take advantage of it for analysis and measures. The possibilities of technology seem to know no bounds. The challenge instead lies in choosing technology as needed and filling the solution with relevant information.

"This project is very important to succeed in terms of not only being able to compare apples to apples, but also in terms of making the data easily accessible and understandable among the whole business area." Joacim Lindoff, Executive Vice President Getinge Infection Control

Focus on business-critical information

With an abundance of information, there is often an agony of choosing, and thus also opting out, for fear of missing something. Nevertheless, it is precisely what is required to make visible the business-critical information that management needs to be able to make insightful decisions. Too many organizations carry with them experiences from failed BI projects. Many times due to hasty preparatory work and solutions that do not correspond to the needs and expectations of the business.

The preparatory work is A and O
When building a needs-adapted solution that enables a value-creating decision basis, thorough preliminary work is required in order not to lock yourself into incorrect structures. Management's commitment is crucial to ensure that the solution is built based on a real need. The management support functions also play an extremely important role in ensuring quality with regard to both content and functionality.

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Our offer
As independent management consultants, we help your organization identify your needs and transform information into value-creating decision-making material.

The work follows five overall steps where our role is to:

  • Contribute with expertise and inspiration
  • Guide you during the work
  • Act as an interpreter between operations and IT
  • Act as temporary resource boost

The assignment is carried out in close cooperation with your organization and with the BI consultants you choose for the realization of the technical solution.