Area of expertise

Strategy-driven program management office and portfolio management

To do the right thing, and to do it right

A stockpicker builds a portfolio based on a profound strategy, estimating and analysing risk, reward, exposure to markets and mix in the portfolio. To stay competitive a modern project management office needs to have the ability to apply the same methodology in its project portfolio management and also secure that the selected projects are performed in the most efficient and effective way with a high success rate.

The composition of the project portfolio is too rarely based on a well-grounded understanding of the strategic contribution, expected business value, available resources and risk of each project. In the absence of information, resources are spent doing the wrong things at the wrong time.

To secure the ROI development projects needs to be performed in an optimized way achieving the expected business value and utilizing allocated resources in the most efficient way.

A modern program office

A modern program management office secures high performing projects by offering state of the art project management practices, processes and methods. The project management office secures objectives fulfillment and project quality through pro-active quality assurance and continous project performance monitoring. A program management office can act as service provider of workshop facilitiation, coaching, business change management and risk management.

Project portfolio management is a crucial part of the project management office and secures that company strategies is broken down on portfolio and project level and secures that the right projects are prioritized and executed at the right time with the right resources.

A clear process leads to successful projects

A well defined and established process for how to manage the project management office and the project portfolio significantly increases the ability to run effective projects with successful results. The process is divided into five steps: Qualify, Prioritize, Plan, Execute and Follow up.

QUALIFY Identify business needs and seize opportunities. Validate, categorize and reject non-value adding business demands to minimize waste.

PRIORITIZE Prioritize among demands and opportunities with a well established governance structure using predefined rules and well-known criteria.

PLAN Create and maintain a roadmap securing that projects are executed at the right time when all pre-requisites are fulfilled.

EXECUTE Secure high project performance minimizing leadtime and waste and secure a high success rate and return on investment.

FOLLOW UP Analyze the project result and document lessons learned to improve future project processes.

Our Offer
Based on years of experience and well-tested models and methods we will help your organization to identify your needs and opportunities and together realize the potential of a well functioning PMO/PPM.

  • Analysis of current situation to understand the maturity of your organization’s PMO/PPM and identify challenges and opportunities.
  • Development of a high level concept designed to suit your specific needs.
  • Creation of an implementation roadmap defining how the concept will be implemented step by step
  • Execute implementation projects and activities according to the implementation roadmap. Projects including detailing of concept, development and implementation in the organization.